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At Good Labor Jobs: Staffing and Recruiting

Our goal is to provide:

Quality jobs and improve the lives of workers by offering fair and desirable work in at outstanding companies across the United States. Everything we do is based on our core values of honesty, integrity, and maturity. We give everyone a fair opportunity to show employers that they are the right person for the job.

Labor solutions to businesses in need of hiring quality employees that are not available in their local area. Through our proprietary recruiting pipeline, superior service, and integrated business solutions we offer a full variety of staffing and hiring options to companies of any size in any city.

Good Labor Jobs is an industry leader in Puerto Rican recruiting. For over 20 years, we have staffed employees at multibillion-dollar industrial factories to mom and pop landscaping, construction, and hospitality companies. Our cost-effective service and consultative expertise have made us the preferred choice for alternatives to small recruiting pools, H2B lotteries, and J1 visa restrictions.\n

Get to know
our team
Matt oversees all areas of Good Labor Jobs, provides our customers with labor solutions that help them achieve more and supports our employees by matching them with good opportunities.
Caylen manages the day-to-day operations of Good Labor Jobs, focuses on systems to improve efficiency and assists employees with relocation logistics.
Account Manager
Christopher manages the Good Labor Jobs accounts in Branson, Missouri. He sees first-hand how a job can change someone’s life and is excited to help you make that change.
Account Manager
Elena manages operations for us in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. She enjoys working with our employees and maintaining positive relationships with our customers there.
Marisol handles communication with prospective employees, answering questions and recruiting the best Puerto Rican employees to join our team.